Vedettes Sirènes

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Five boats moored at Morgat, another in the port of Camaret-sur-Mer, the Vedettes Sirène fleet has been extended throughout the years in response to a common desire: to diversify the tours offered. Visits to the caves, trips along the sheer cliffs, relaxing evenings, each vessel has its own speciality and is equipped for their specific purpose.

Siren VI

Built in 1992 by the AGMAR shipyard in Quimper and operated by the Rosmeur shipping company. This wide, spacious, comfortable passenger boat is a pleasant boat both inside and on deck. With a length of 18 metres and a capacity of 98 passengers, she is ideal for both trips and private events. She will join our fleet in 2020 for new tours departing from Camaret-sur-Mer.

Siren V

Quer 40 Carbon launch with a revolutionary design. This super-cavitation and fogging structure, called the Quer Eco Fast System (QEFS), consists of a series of dynamic stages which, when sailing, rapidly creates an air chamber between the hull and the water, limiting friction and resistance. This provides increased safety and significant fuel savings.

Sirens I to IV

Arcor type launches, not decked, not covered due to the accessibility of the caves according to the tides and their coefficients. These unsinkable boats are specially designed for our business, due to the length, width and draught of the vessels. Thanks to these specific characteristics, these launches allow safe access to cliffs and sea caves.

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A Morgat
Quai Kador
29160 Crozon-Morgat

A Camaret
29 Quai Gustave Toudouze
29570 Camaret-sur-Mer

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