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Surrounded by Brest harbour and the bay of Douarnenez, the Crozon peninsula is known for the richness of its natural, historic and built heritage. 110 km of coastal footpaths, 450 sea caves below, some accessible on foot depending on the tides, others only accessible from the sea, and others that will forever continue to be a mystery for man and a sanctuary for the local flora and fauna.

One peninsula; seven communes, each with many wonders. Landévennec, its two abbeys, the old one and the new one, its unobstructed view of the Aulne estuary, a haven for numerous species… Argol, its parish cloister, the Living Museum of Old Crafts, guardian of the know-how of yesteryear… Telgruc-sur-Mer, the Luzéoc mill which overlooks the beach of Trez Bellec, ideal for a land sailing session…

Roscanvel, its islands, its fortifications route… Lanvéoc, its incomparable panorama over Brest harbour, the menhir of Kerzuélet… Camaret, its menhir alignments of Lagatjar, the manor of St Pol Roux, the Pointe du Toulinguet and the Pointe de Pen Hir… Crozon, with its beaches of La Palue and Lostmarc'h which are so popular among surfers from all over the world. The Pointe de Dinan, the Cap de la Chèvre… Not forgetting the summer events which contribute to the region's reputation like the much-awaited Festival du Bout du Monde ('Festival at the End of the World').


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