Vedettes Sirènes

A family history

Passed on from father to son, the guides are 4th generation sailors.

In 1933, when the seaside resort of Morgat was booming, our great-grandfather, François Drévillon, a fisherman by trade, started taking holidaymakers on board the Jean Mermoz to show them the wonders of the surrounding sea caves. After the war, his son Victor assisted him on the Petit Pierre.


Gérard and Pierre, our two uncles, continued the adventure on board the Sirène II and III. In 1986, the Sirène IV set up home in the port of Camaret to offer a visit to the Tas de Pois, an excursion started by our grandfather, leaving from Morgat, 40 years earlier. The Sirène V, which was larger and made of steel, quickly took over. In the early 1990s, the Vedettes Sirènes gave way to the Vedettes Rosmeur.

Beguiled by the stories of our grandfather Victor, our father and our uncles, in 2013 we decided to take up the family torch. Each with our own specialities, one with a passion for computers and a commercial background, and the other with a degree in environmental science and management and a passion for geology, we have chosen to combine our talents and expertise to set off on a voyage of discovery of the sea caves and the coastline of the peninsula. In less than six months, the Vedettes Sirènes came back to life and since then, we have been following the path opened up by our great-grandfather with new and innovative features.

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